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Mobile Education Vehicle

















Goal: $100K

•    Transport and bring healthy eating knowledge and experiences to the Boys and Girls Club of Kern County by taking our best practice learning kitchen and programs to the community.

•    Provide a unique hands-on experience to 800 students at 8 locations during the first year with opportunities in year 2 to expand outreach to other Boys and Girls Club sites.


•    Address diabetes and adolescent obesity by transferring preventative knowledge and providing farm - to - table experiences that will increase student familiarity, recognition, and tasting of fruits and vegetables.


Truck/Van                                      $45,000

Equipped Trailer                            $20,000

•    Refrigerators

•    Solar

•    Storage Cabinets

Charlie Carts (mobile Kitchen)              $20,000 (2 @ $10,000 each)


Portable equipment/furnishings        $15,000

•    Tables, chairs

•    Other (plates, cookware)

•    Umbrellas

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